House in an elite area
Price: 490 000$
Commission: 0%
Deposit: 0$

House in an elite area

House for sale in the elite mahalla of Tashkent. The house has 8 rooms, 5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, furniture, appliances, swimming pool, hammam, underground garage
Area: 500 m2
Floor: 1/2

Buy & Sale House in Tashkent City

Buying a house in Tashkent is the dream of many people who seek to acquire their own housing in the capital of Uzbekistan. Tashkent is a large and dynamically developing city that offers its residents many opportunities for a comfortable life. The real estate market in Tashkent presents various options for selling apartment - from old to new modern buildings. Each buyer can choose the most suitable option that will meet his needs and wishes. It will be a renovated home with new furniture or an empty for an author's project - it depends on your choice.

House for sale in Tashkent City

Selling houses in Tashkent city in 2023 is the best way to make money. However, it is impossible not to notice that buying new bungalow in Tashkent is also a good investment in the future. Purchase a house in Tashkent is a big responsibility, but also an opportunity to acquire your own home in a beautiful city with a rich history and culture. It is important to approach this choice wisely and carefully weigh all the factors in order to make the right choice and enjoy a comfortable life. We offer to choose a dream home in the capital of Uzbekistan and buy a residential property at a bargain price. When buying a house in Tashkent, you need to contact only trusted real estate organization that provide complete information about each property and help you make the right choice. It is also to consider all legal aspects and laws related to the purchase accommodation.

Houses prices in Tashkent

The cost of buying or selling a property depends on many factors - the location, the condition, the materials used in the construction, infrastructure and others. Selling homes is a great way to make money or invest your money. Assess the market value of housing and find a buyer who is ready to pay the required amount for an apartment. In general, buying and selling a bungalow is a complex and responsible process that requires a careful approach and professional assistance. But if everything is done correctly, you can get an excellent result and secure comfortable housing or additional income. It is also to pay attention to house prices in Uzbekistan and purchase conditions. To make a deal at a favorable price, we recommend using the services of the Tashkent city Estate company. Our real estate agency will find for you the best options for cottages, ranches and other types of property.