Companies in Tashkent City

In the category "Organizations providing services in Tashkent city" you can find a list of companies that provide a variety of services in Tashkent city. These can be companies involved in the repair of equipment, cleaning apartments and offices, transporting goods, building and repairing houses, organizing events, and much more. Each company has its own profile on the page where you can get acquainted with its services, prices, contact details and customer reviews. You can contact companies directly through the website or by phone.

Tashkent city services

Our list of companies is constantly updated to provide you with the most up-to-date information. We try to collect only proven and reliable companies to help you solve any problems in Tashkent city. If you need help cleaning your apartment or office, then on the page you will find companies that provide professional cleaning services. They can perform post-renovation cleaning, general cleaning, daily cleaning and more. If you need to transport cargo, then on the page you will find companies that transport cargo around the city and beyond. They can offer services for the transportation of furniture, building materials, equipment and other goods. If you are planning to build or renovate a house, then on the page you will find companies that specialize in this type of service. They can offer services for the construction of houses, cottages, renovation of apartments and offices. You will also find information about event companies. They can offer decoration services for weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties and other events.

Tashkent City Website

The website of the city of Tashkent contains a catalog of companies providing services to residents and businesses of the area. The city's website hosts companies for cleaning, disinfection, health care, auto maintenance, car dealerships, shops and hairdressers. You can contact the companies directly without intermediaries through the website or by phone to clarify the price and cost of services. The site presents residential complexes, business centers and other real estate for sale and rent, as well as for rent, which are sorted by price, number of rooms and area size. To buy or rent an inexpensive apartment for rent, we recommend contacting the Tashkent city real estate agency.